Saturday, July 21

Fairy Hill Update

I worked on this for the last 4 days and right now this section is not finished and hardly any backstitch.  It looks a bit like a blob but progress is still progress.
I am making myself not work on Sleeping Beauty before my WIPs at least get a bit of attention.  So today I will pull out Fancy Fairy, because she is one that I can't even remember when I last worked on her.

Friday, July 20

What's A Stitcher To Do?

I have 7 wips and I don't want to stitch on any of them.  Right now I just sit and stare at them or spend the last 2 days on the net instead of stitching.

So I am going to do the only thing I can do in this situation... I'm going to start JE's Sleeping Beauty.

I want to say thank you for the ppl who take the time and have been leaving me such nice comments as I reallu enjoy reading them.  And 2 more followers to my blog... I feel special whenever someone feels that my little space here is worth reading.

Thursday, July 19


Oh my!!! I am actually managing to post this on the actual day its suppossed to go up.

Been a busy month with stitching so a nice amount of left overs.

Kk got a headache so will do a proper post tomorrow or ina few days hopefully.

Thursday, July 12

A Small Update

Now that I have completed PR Part 1 I am going to work on Autumn Flowers for awhile.  The more I stitch on it, the more I like it.

We have major construction one one of our intersections and this sign they put up always makes me smile, so I thought I would share it with you.

The beginning of August is my 31st birthday and I have decided to celebrate by finally just getting over my fears, and as a present to myself, and with bday money I am going to but myself some 18 count and all the threads needed for my first HAED.

I will only be placing the order after my bday and so will only show what going to stitch once I have all the threads and am ready to start.

Wednesday, July 11

PR Mystery Sal P1 Finished

Just finished and its been lovely to work on.

The border was a bit tricky and I had to frog twice, but it was well worth it as it's soooo pretty.

The merallic didn't show so well as it doesn't sparkle or shine.  Next time I will have to try take it in the sun to see if it improves it.

I have substituted the PTB with DMC Metallics so the colours might not be exact but hopefully in the long run it will look good.

Thursday, July 5


Don't usually set goals for myself because as soon aa I set them, I break them.

But I was looking at my 2012 FO's and was shocked to see that most of my finishes were small and the 2 larger ones were ones I started in 2011.

So for the rest of the year I will try do 12 in 2012.  So far if my count is correct I have 8 done and so I need to finish 4 more.

It sounds doable to me as 1 of the WIPs has to be completed this year anyway.

1.  Autumn Flowers - for my MILs birthday later in the year.
2.  Hocus Pocus - I am allowing myself 1 new item.
3.  Mythical Muse - She is halfway done
4.  Fairy Hill - it is also about half way done and I want to finish it so that I can start a new CutIThru design.