Sunday, February 10

TUSAL February and Stitchy Updates

I can't believe that it has been awhile since I posted but I do have a good reason.

The husband bought me a Kindle soon after my last update and I have been spending alot of time reading   We live in a small town and do have a bookshop/stationery shop but they tend to carry a small selection of books.  Normally I had to order books online and then wait about 3 weeks to get it, or buy some books when we were out of town.

Now I decide what book I want and five minutes later I have it.  Its wonderful but it has been a hard choice between stitching and reading in my free time.

Ok so today is the February TUSAL report and here it is:

I have been back to stitching the last five days, although it has also been in between reading so probably not a lot of progress made, but anyway here was Hocus Pocus before:

And after four days of stitching:

And today I worked on QS Literate Dragon and I managed to finish the second column:

In the land of hopeful thinking, I hope to finish the third column in the next three days.  It just might be doable as it has alot less confetti in it and more sections of the same colours.  We shall see if I manage it.