Thursday, August 18

Dollhouse?? Framed

I picked up my framed piece yesterday and am so pleased with how it looks:

The same framer did my other two pieces and luckily for me they do it for a reasonable rate. I know framing is expensive but I do think that if you put all the costs into the materials and then the time it takes you to complete the piece, it is well worth paying the extra and getting it framed. I have decided that at the end of the month I will get my oldest piece framed as it's been bothering me how the colour of the fabric has changed over time and it now looks like I used cream aida instead of the white. That will only leave one more item that is finished and needs framing. I just want to do it one at a time instead of giving my hubby a heart attack as I do love my cross stitch and don't want him to feel bothered about it it costing so much.

I also finished one item. Okay finished sewing but not actually complete. My daughter lost her first two teeth awhile ago and I wanted to do something special for her next ones. It's a tooth fairy pillow that will have a pocket for her tooth to go into.

Started: 30 July 2011
Finished: 17 August 2011

I need to make the pillow and as my hand sewing skills are really terrible, I will have to borrow my MIL's sewing machine. I have decided to wait awhile to do it as I will hopefully be starting an advent calendar tonight and it will also need sewing once done. I also have about four projects that I want to start soon, and as I always sew around the edges to stop fraying, I will use the opportunity of using the machine to do it alot quicker than it takes by hand.

My third door is progressing nicely but I have decided to put it on hold for awhile so I can concentrate on the advent calendar and my Dragon and Castle.

And here is the above mentioned Dragon And Castle progress:

It is the most complex design I have ever done and I have a feeling it will be a long WIP. It has alot of colour changes never mind the colour blending and then on top of that it has half and quarter stitches. The patten calls for 14 count aida but I think it would of been easier and neater if I had done it on evenweave. I have enver used it but I have got 1meter sitting in my basket for a few Joann Elliot designs I want to do. I have had to put them on hold as my glasses don't work well since my eye ops and I need to go for new glasses before I even attempt to use it. I have a feeling once I get the hang of it I will never use aida for any design that uses fractional stitches.

I am having difficulty with something I am wanting to make. It's my daughters last year in her kindergarten as next year she will be going to school. There are four teachers and I am wanting to make them bookmarks as christmas / farewell gifts but all the free patterns online don't call to me and I am looking for any recommendations of books that have good bookmarks patterns in them. Hope someone can give me some ideas.

Sunday, August 7

Much Accomplished

Boy has the last month been productive.

I finished the birthday cards for my daughters party. In total I made nine of them and I must say as much as I love the pattern I was rather glad to be finished with it. Not sure a pattern is suppossed to be done that many times.

I finished the backstitch on the Apple Harvest pattern:

Boy was it a lot of backstitch but I must say that I always think it's worth it in the end because it adds things that is needed to really bring out the details in things.

I also finished the backstitch on the two doors:

My daughters school has a fundraiser every year. I am on the decorating committee and I offered my services to make the table numbers. I designed this after finding a heart chart on the net.

I have handed in the sample and am waiting for a yes or no from the "bosses" and even though I have to do 31 of these, if they let me know soon, then I have worked it out that if I finish one every two night I will get them done with time to spare.

I also took two pictures of projects that I started but for some reason when I took the pics off my camera they weren't there. The one was quick and I only have the backstitch to complete and the other one is the biggest and most complicated project I have started so far. The pics will have to wait for the next blog post as it's too dark to take them now.

Hopefully I will also have a pic of one of my FO's framed too.