Saturday, September 21

Broom Parking Information

I don't know where to buy the chart, as it was given to me but here is the information that Linda and Kaisievic asked for:

It is done by Angel Stitchin
and the design code is AS60-091

Hope that helps:-)

Friday, September 20

A Start And A Finish

I can't believe that I have not done an update in almost a month.

Hubby and I used to play an online game when my daughter was a baby... well they closed down the game server about 8 years ago, and we were sad because we loved playing.

Just over a month ago I happend across news that a new server  had been opened bout 4 months ago and I happily told hubby.  I was met with him asking me just when do I think he will have time to play a game.
But a few days later he told me that he had ordered permanent internet connection for us, and yes you guessed it, we have spent the last while playing the game.

It took a bit of work because my char was new, the game had changed a bit since we played and lastly I had just forgotten so much, that I had to re-learn allot.

I started a very easy design called Broom Parking and really enjoyed stitching it.
It is all in black so no worries about the colour changes, it was easy to put down in a hurry and pick up for a minute here and there.  It is such a small fun design that it should of only taken a few days but it took me 21 days to complete.

Broom Parking
Started:  31 August 2013
Finished:  20 September 2013

I inherited a few charts from a friend and this was just one that I knew I had to make.  It just made me smile every time I saw it.
Even though it is all black, I found that I never got bored once... I enjoyed it every time that I picked it up.