Tuesday, April 16

Cut Thru' SAL Monday #3

Sadly this is all I managed last night:

About 2 weeks ago I made the (mad) decision to start studying for a career.

I am a home executive, as they now call it and have been for the last 6 year's but have decided that I also would like to do something else with my life.

So in a matter of a few days to 3 weeks I will be a home executive, a mom to a 8 year old and also a student.
I realise that it's gonna make my plate really, really full and have decided to do the yucky jobs around the house while I still have time.

So that meant only time I stitched yesterday was during a episode of CSI Las Vegas.

It is now 9 at night and I haven't even managed 1 stitch yet. I am dreading it as it means pulling threads and I am so tired right now but I know I won't be happy if I don't at least stitch a tiny little bit.

Wednesday, April 10

A Time For Giving Update and TUSAL Report

Today is time for TUSAL report, so here it is:

I also started and worked on A Time For Giving, which is my daughters Christmas Stocking.
I started it in the middle:

And then very carefully (hopefully) counted to the top of the design and continued there:

Now to move onto Hocus Pocus for it's 10 hours.

I have one more start planned and then absolutely no more starts!!

My hubby and I never swop Christmas Presents but I would like to make him his own stocking, so that I can buy a few small goodies throughout the year and surprise him on Christmas morning.

Luckily I will be able to show updates on here as he doesn't even know my blog addie, never mind actually reading it.

I will also be able to stitch it like normal as he also never pays attention to what I stitch so if he even sees what it is, he wouldn't even ask who it is for.

Tuesday, April 9

Cut Thru' SAL Monday #2

I made a but more progress on the roof of the wagon.

It's going to take many Mondays to finish it but I am enjoying it.

Tuesday, April 2

Cut-Thru SAL Monday #1

I have a tiny start to show.

I only managed to get 45 min stitching time yesterday so not much, and on top of that, the light blue on top must be unpicked as it's 2 spaces off.

I am doing it on 18 count because it's just what I had on hand.