Friday, October 26

Autumn Flowers Famed and Fairy Hill Update

I got Autumn Flowers back from the framer and I absolutely love how it looks.  It's going to be so hard to give it away.

I didn't enjoy stitching it much so I probably would never do it again, but I just wish it could hang on my wall:-)

But I will be good and hand it over tomorrow at lunch for my MIL's birthday.

Here is a update on Fairy Hill.  I worked on it for the last 3 days and made alot of progress.

I started a new project today but I think it won't even make it a full 3 days in my rotation.  It is a small Jar Topper for my 2013 TUSAL jar.

Thursday, October 25

Very Late Tusal and SF Update

We have been offline with our internet for awhile.  Luckily I could still use my phone to read blogs and comment, but my phone doesn't like the new blogger interface.

Okay first my very late Tusal for October:

Its a good thing that there are only two months left at my Jar looks like this already:

I wone a prize over at and this is what the very generous lady sent me:

Wow, what a lot of goodies, and such a nice package to receive, Thank You.

And lastly here is how Summer Fairy looks now.  She is so fun to work on but she has been put away for awhile:

 And lastly I don't normally get too personal on the blog but I just had to share this pic of my daughter.  We were at a bird show and the kids got to hold one of the birds.  I think her expression says it all:

Saturday, October 13

Summer Fairy Progress

I worked on Summer Fairy for a whole week and her skirt is still not done... but it's close:

I have put her away for awhile as I really want to catch up on the PR SAL.  I completed Clue 1 and 2 but 3 and 4 are already out and not a stitch done.

I am also trying to work on BT Cut-Thru Fairy Hill every third day just so that I can try get it done.

I find stitching weird sometimes.... At one point I loved working on this design so much that I could barely put it down but now I can barely pick it up as I just can't find the love I had.
I am trying to complete it because the daughter is feeling a bit unloved atm due to the fact that both this design and Mythical Muse are not being worked on and they are for her.

Friday, October 5

Autumn Flowers DONE

I can't believe it is finally done.  I have literally just put the last backstitch in it.

The last few days have been hard in the stitching department as I really wasn't in the mood to work on this, but I pushed myself to complete it.

It will get a bath and gentle ironing this weekend and on Monday I will take it to the framers.

Now I need to finish packing for our weekend away and tonight I will be happily working on Summer Fairy.