Saturday, July 20

A new start.

I figured that as I just finished two wips, I could give myself a new start.

I will not say, or show what it is supposed to look like, as it will be more fun to see it forming.

Tuesday, July 16

Such A Quick Finish

I finished The Princess Sleeps Here last night.

I washed it and this morning after giving it a gentle ironing, it got framed.

My daughter wanted a pink frame and the only one I found was a bit on the large size but I think it looks good.

Heres the finish and the after framing pics:

I also managed to finish another christmas decoration over the weekend.  Though I should of chosen beads for his eyes instead of french knots, as the french knots looks a bit weird.

Sadly the first decoration I made in January is missing.  I was using it as a needle cushion over the last 2 weeks and after my daughter had 2 friends over the weekend and now I can't find it.  I assume one of them picked it up and put it somewhere in the house.

I have searched and searched but it's not wanting to be found.  Hopefully I will find it before Christmas.

Friday, July 12

The Princess Sleeps Here

Here is my new start after working on it for three days:

This is such a fun and fast stitch.  I am really enjoying it and it is so nice because you can backstitch each letter after stitching it.

Debbie asked about my Cut-Thru design and sadly I must say that I have decided not to continue with it.  I have had eye ops, and even though I am 31, my eyes are not so great.  I found working on 18 count not fun at all.  My eyes would burn after awhile and I really started dreading stitching on it.

Sadly this means that my daughters stocking and the fabric I planned on starting BOIC has also been put away.  I have not had a chance to buy any new 14 count yet to restart and I won't be buying any for a few months because of a new project that I started.

I am wanting a way to start making a bit of my own spending money and obviously have to invest funds to get it going and the next few months cash wise will be put into this endevour.

I am planning on making bath products that are specifically for kiddies.  You never find anything fun to make kids really enjoy their baths in the shops and I think it would be something fun to try out.

Here is this months products:

Aren't they gorgeous??? They are cupcake soaps and I had so much fun making them.

End of July I plan on making some bubble baths and handwashes and other fun goodies.

Monday, July 8

Lots Of Updates

I seem to have misplaced my blog mojo.

Granted its due to the fact that we do not have a permanent internet connection (yes shocking but hubby can't stand the major internet/telephone company and doesn't want to give our hard earned money to them) and so we use a wireless dongle for our internet.

Sadly for the last few weeks it has been a really bad connection and I can barely do anything on it.
Updating the blog takes about an hour trying to get things uploaded etc and viewing blogs is more "refreshing" to get the blogs to load properly.

But I have been busy.

Firstly I finished another pair of socks.  I am proud of this pair as it's my first pair of my own handspun yarn.

I worked on Glass Aglow until I finished the second (out of four) parts on the same fabric.


I have no idea why google decided to upload it sideways but I will leave it as such.
And I started a new design called Carefree Lane.
I am not enjoying the colours of the first house and most of the houses have the same or similar colours but I do love the way the finished item looks.
I worked on some more Christmas decorations.  I started on them along time ago and only finished one but now I have 3 more done:
Its now 9:49pm but I plan on staying up at least another 10 minutes to get a new start under way.  It's a whimsical design that I want to do for my daughters room, just because I love the look of it.