Tuesday, June 18

Summer Fairy Completed

I can't believe that she is finally done.  I started her 29 August 2012 so at least I missed the one year mark.

I wish I could take decent pics to show off the work but you will just have to do with my bad pics:

Blogger is misbehaving with this post so I will do it as it wants instead of battling to sort it out right now.
I changed her beads as I didn't like the how the white disappeared on the fabric and also I couldn't find a light gold bead so I had to settle for a dark gold.  I hope it's not too harsh.
Now she can get a bath and a gently ironing and then go in my "to be framed" que.  There are now 3 waiting to be framed but I think she will jump to the front as I can't wait to see her framed.
Now I will concentrate on Hocus Pocus and Glass aglow and maybe by the time it's my birthday I might have one or both completed.  As a bday gift to myself I will buy a bit of fabric (enough for a few starts) but I will only start Spring Fairy once I have it.  Got far too many WIPS and starts waiting for me to add much more to the list.

Friday, June 7

A Small Finish

On the 5th I started a small pincushion biscornu design called Neat As A Pin:

The hubby signed up with audible about 2 months ago and I absolutely love audio books.  They give you the freedom of still enjoying a book while allowing you to move around and do the stuff you need to do. And having someone read to me is really the icing on the cake.

Sadly he has not yet offered me the use of his account:-)  But I have strongly hinted that I would love A Dance With Dragons in audio format.  He wasn't too pleased as I have all the paperback books up to that point and he feels we should buy the paperback of this one as we have all the rest but I just said that I would love to have the audio version.  Now just to wait and see if he will do it...

But I digress... he has been listening to some Preston & Child books and I asked him to give me one.  So I put it on my iPod and wow was I in love.  I love the style of writing and the story was excellent.

So I spent a lot of time over the last two days stitching and listening to Still Live with Crows and this got me to a finish late last night.

Here is the front and back:

Its been awhile since I had a finish and it feels good to have something on my "to stitch list", done.

Tuesday, June 4

Monday Cut-Thru SAL Update

Technically this is two Mondays worth of stitching but I forgot to update on the previous Monday:

I am not sure about how the colours are looking, as I am doing a DMC conversion due to not being able to get Madera threads here in SA.

Saturday, June 1

Holiday Update

Don't you just feel so sad when holidays are over??

We had a brilliant time and I got in a lot of stitching.  We took enough stuff to keep the daughter occupied and luckily for me hubby loves reading so that meant guilt free stitching time for me.

I wish I could have as much progress all the time.

Firstly here is the original picture of the Zebra's that I wanted to upload.  I was using a blog app on my phone and uploaded the wrong pic... this one is more clear:

We also had other visitors but excuse the quality of the pics as I was indoors when I took them and didn't want to move closer in case I scared them off.

Luckily there are no lions here and the only dangerous big animal is the Wildebeest and only when they have a baby in their herd.

Here is a better pic of Summer Fairy before I had the mishap of losing my working copy:

And finally Hocus Pocus.  I made a lot of progress since my last pic.  I fninished a bit of her clothes, the book, the candle and the mouse.  Next time I will do the half stitches and then a lot of backstitching before I carry on with the rest.  It's a pity that the half stitches do not show up in the pics as it's too close to the fabric colour.

I have no idea why the pic turned out so dark but I only realized it after uploading.