Monday, October 28

Mini Ariadne And Cut-Thru" Gypsy Wagon

I finished Row 2 Page 1 of Mini Ariadne and this puts me at 3% complete:

I also pulled out Gypsy Wagon again and did a little more on the roof:

Hoping that next time I might actually finish the roof.

Thursday, October 24

New Start: Jewel On The Water

After my last two finished, I figured that I deserved a new start.

It doesn't look like much at the moment but new starts never really do:-)

I fell in love with this design the second I saw it in the magazine.
It's designed by Lesley Teare.

Wednesday, October 23

Where my Christmas Decorations are from

They are actually not decorations as such...

It was an advent calendar that I actually did make for my daughter:

I liked them so much that I decided that I wanted some of them hanging on my Christmas Tree:

It is out of Cross Stitch Crazy November 2011.

Monday, October 21

Ariadne and Christmas Decorations

I have made some nice progress on Mini Ariadne.  Row 1 of Page 1 is complete.

I know it's not much progress but it makes me feel a bit better breaking it down into page rows as it makes small "finishes" to be pleased about.

I also worked on some more Christmas decorations.

Next time it comes up in my rotation I will add the gold metallic threads and do the actual finishing.

I have been really enjoying my stitching time as I have been watching Stargate SG1 at the same time.  
I have been staying up way late but it's been so good at the same time.

I finished Season 3 last night and hope to start Season 4 soon.

Tuesday, October 15

A New To Me Blog

I came across a new to me blog today.

She doesn't do many updates as such but her stitching is lovely.

She doesn't have many ppl who comment on her work, so please go take a look at her blog.

Cross Stitch Angel

Monday, October 14

A Bit Of Everything

The last time you saw Hocus Pocus it looked like this:

As of about 15 minutes ago it now looks like this:

This project falls just short of the one year mark as I started it Halloween last year.  We don't celebrate it here but I felt like at least acknowledging it in theory and so I started this.

I have attempted starting a HAED a few times.  I actually almost managed a whole page on my BB SAL of Literate Dragon before I gave up and put it away.

I think my problem is that I either started projects that were too big for a first, or like LD, just too much confetti.  I think once I have a completed HAED it might motivate me to start a bigger/harder design.

So here is a new start... Mini Adriane

Winter has just passed us and clothing wise it was a terrible winter for me.  I need new jerseys and can't stand what they have in fashion at the moment... okay for the last two years.

So I spent most of the winter bundled up in tracksuit tops and thick jackets which did not look good at all.  So I decided to pull out the needles and make myself a few jerseys during the year.

Here is the start of my first one:

Okay I have two questions to answer from the last two posts.
I can't remember (off the top of my head) who asked about what online game I was talking about... it is called Ultima Online.

And Debbie, sadly I have not touched my 99 Bottles since the last update but my fingers have been itching to add a few more to my row.