Saturday, December 31

End Of 2011

I can't believe that this will be the last post of the year.  Wow how it flies.  Tomorrow will be the official start of the TUSAL and I have my jars ready and I also got a nice suprise in my inbox.  I signed up for the HAED Freebie Sal and the original date for the first page being sent out for the Storykeep was the 7th but there it was in my email today so yipee.  Hopefully I will have better luck.  My HAED experience has really not being so good up to now.  But all my doing and nothing to do with the charts etc.  I finally got 20count fabric the other day and had a firight when I worked out how much I would need for my Direwood as she is a bigger chart than most and it worked out that I would need a metre in one direction.  All I have to work with is a hoop and a q-snap frame so the idea of trying to work on such a huge piece without a floorstand etc just isn't possible.  Maybe one day I will have a floorstand and be able to do her but for now hopefully I will have better luck with the SK... we shall see.

After the pillow I started my roatation again and first on the list was my cat.  I started it end of September and it's actually sad how little progress I have made.  I worked on it for three days and am loving the colour choices in the design.

Heres the before and after pics:

I also worked on my lady and I finished her arms and did some work on her dress.  Before and After:

Please excuse the wrinkles.  I got some juice on her last night and had to wash her.  Hopefully next time the photo will look better.  I will hide my head now:-)

I got this idea in my head to make this set of four doors.  I loved them and made the first two and then the love fizzled.  I came across a design that is also four doors and I loved them so much more but I can't bring myself to chuck these and start those and so they sat in my basked for months now.  I want them to go on our tv cabinet (when it gets built) and so I knew that they would have to be in standing frames.  Everytime I saw frame that looked like it might work, it was always one that you had to hang up.  I was in Pick n' Pay and they had these two bundles of frames.  Each bundle had two frames.  I bought one bundle and brought it home to test if the size was right and after I framed the completed doors I rushed back to buy the other two before somebody else bought them.  Seeing them framed has made me fall in love witht he project all over again.  I was actually planning on working on the last two doors for the next few days but alas now that the HAED Kal has started I will have a decision to make.

I hope you will all have a lovely New Year Celebration.  If I am awake at 12 tonight I will probably make sure I have stitching in hands.  Sadly I have no wonderful lists of things I want to accomplish next year or projects I want to finish or any type of stitchy goals actually.  Which is sad as I have really loved reading other peoples things they want to get done in 2012.  2011 was a good year for me as I finally bought all the DMC colours so now (other than the metallics or variagated) I can always just start a project without having to wait to go to the shop first.  I think 2012 will just be the year to get my two oldes FO's framed and if my plans work out I will hopefully get the first one to the framer by the end of January.

 See you all next year....

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Jan said...

Such lovely projects. I, too have receivedy SK HAED freebie pattern. What count fabric are you going to use? I haven't decided yet.