Thursday, January 19

Doors Are Finally Finished.

I cannot believe that they are all four finally done.  Wow it has been awhile since I started them.  I finally have the complete set and they are really pretty.  Please excuse the picture as I know it's not straight inside the frame.  I may fix it or I may leave it like that... depends on how much it bugs me:-)

Before the Door I also worked on Lady and I am pleased with how much progress was made.  Granted she happend to be in the rotation over a weekend and I do get alot more stitching time then but I think another two rotations and she might just be a FO.  I am pleased with how much more progress I get to show you since I lengthened the days I work on a project from 3 to 5.

We have been with our ISP for just over two years now.  They are a private company that does wireless internet but for the two years now they have had alot more bad times than good and the interenet has always been faulty.  After two years the husband finally lost patience and has cancelled our subscription to them.  So now we are sitting without internet at home and hubby hasn't mentioned whether he plans on gettting another company to get us back online.  Not that we have much of a selection in this small town.  I feel so lost without it.  Last night I made a cup of coffee and was thinking to sit down and read a few blogs before I remembered that I can't.  So my blogging will not be as much as it was previously.  I hope to at least come online once a week so I can catch up on everyones stitching but I don't know how well that will work all the time.

This is the view I saw from our front yard the other day... havn't seen a rainbow in a long time.

Today I start working on my Mermaid for the next five days and next week I start a new project.  I must say I am looking forward to that start.  It's not a project that I usually would do but I found myself keeping on coming back to it and just looking at it.  So I figure what the heck and just make it before it drives me nuts.


Joysze said...

Door looks great in that frame, Monique. Lady's looking good too.

No internet.... :S YIKES!!! Hope you get a new company soon.

Thoeria said...

Your lady is stunning Monique!
On the internet front, we had neotel at home and had endless problems with them. Our contract also ended now and we've switched to telkom. So we'll have to see how that goes!
That's an amazing view from the front yard there!