Tuesday, April 3

TUSAL Update March 2012

I wonder if one can do an update so late but we went away for the first half of the school holidays and before that I just couldn't manage to get to the internet cafe so here is my jars.  I did take the photots on the right day but just havn't had a chance to upload them.

I framed Perfect Pets and am pleased with how the simple frame really works with the design.

I have also started two new projects.  I am sure that none of you who read my blog will be suprised to know that they are both Joan Elliott designs.

The first one is her Cinderella out of Cross Stitch Gold.  My daughter requested that I do the "pink" conversion and so she looks like this so far:

The second one is her Fancy Fairy out of Cross Stitch Crazy and as I havn't done much on her (since I started her last night), I have included a pic of what she will look like:

I have completed two new projects and it has made me realise just how nice small projects are for the soul.  They make you feel good in knowing that you have finished something when all your big projects are taking forever.  I will add all the details onto my FO page.

Firstly is Story Time Bookmarks out of Cross Stitch Crazy 154.  I am not too pleased with the way I cut the felt and I will see how much it bothers me and will then think about doing it again.  But honestly my daughter is happy with them so I don't think I should do anything.

Festive Decorations were the free gift with the January copy of Cross Stitch Crazy.  I am not a pink person but I absolutely love the way they turned out.  Shockingly this is my first hand made tree decorations and it has motivated me to make more.

I also wanted to speak about a package that just arrived from overseas from another blogger.  It was a kit that she had started and didn't want to finish.  I put up my hand when she offered it and luckily I was generously accpeted.  It is such lovely work that she did and I just hope that I can maintain the rest of the design to match her work.  I wanted to do a whole section on it but my time here is running out and I still wanted to email her to thank her, find a pic of the complete design to upload here and I forgot to put the pic I took of her work onto my usb.  Hopefully I will be able to get back here in a day or two and then thank her because it really bugs me that I have to leave now and havn't managed to do it yet.  Amazing just how long blogging takes.  Well hopefully my next update won't be so long in the making as it's sad to see my blog so empty of posts.

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Thoeria said...

Lovely finishes all round Monique :) Hope you've managed to get your internet access sorted out! Great new starts too.