Friday, September 28

So Close To A Finish

I am actually so close to two finishes that I can feel it.

This is Autumn Flowers with a before and after pic.  I only spent 2 days on her so not much progress but enough.

This has to get done asap because it's my MIL's birthday on the 27th October and it still needs to go to the framer.

 Here is what Celtic Wheel looked like on the 24th.

I have spent another 1 and a half days on it and I am on the third panel already.
I couldn't finish the backstitch on the second one until today due to the fact that I took the black thread outside with me while we had a braai last night, and when it got dark I took it all into the house.  But later that evening I realised that I didn't have my bobbin of black.  I searched all over and it's just POOF gone.  So I had to buy myself another one today and it bugged me because threads here are not cheap.  R9.00 a skein which is over $1.

My daughter is going to a sleep over in a bit so I will continue working on it in hopes of having lots of TV and stitching time tonight.  I may even have a finish to show next time I blog.

We had a special event this week.  My daughter has been going to cub scouts for awhile now but on Tuesday she finally got to wear her uniform and got all her official badges that have to go on the shirt.  Next month they will get their first interest badges.


Annie said...

Both your projects are lovely! The colors in Autumn Flowers are so vibrant and beautiful. I'm sure your MIL will love it!

SoCal Debbie said...

Autumn Flowers will be so gorgeous! What a wonderful gift. I'm sorry that you lost the black floss!