Tuesday, December 18

A Small Finish and Update

It took me two days to actually get buttons but it's done. The finishing could of been better and I should of stuffed it more but I like it and am happy with it. Sorry for the not so great pics. I tried using my cellphone camera and digital camera and they both look washed out. I wish I could find a camera that took details and colours well. 15 Sided Biscornu ( I will put the details in my FO tab as usual.

I used Threadworx Wildfowers, that I won at TryllaCraft Blog and then DMC 964.

Then here is my new start:  A Friend Like You

It is not as far as I would of liked but hopefully next time it comes up will be more productive.


SoCal Debbie said...

Your biscornu looks fantastic! Great start on your new project. I like doing the backstitching as I go, too.

sharine said...

Very pretty biscornu and your of to a great start:)

lesli said...

Oh my...what a beautiful biscornu!! I'm so intimidated by them, they seem so complicated to put together!

Beautiful new start..those birds are cute!

The Maiden said...

I love that Bisornu finish, all those little beads! Great new start too.