Friday, March 15


I learned to stitch when I was 16.

I never had a relative who did it so it was pretty much me teaching myself.

It was my 16th birthday and I think my one aunt didn't know what to get me, so she got me a kit of two cards with butterflies.

I totally buggered it up!! The kit didn't come with "beginner" instructions and I only ended up with one very badly made card and the other one I had to chuck.

Then a few months later my other aunt (who I lived with) bought me another cross stitch kit.

This one actually turned out better and I did complete it.  I was never happy with the face though.
I then made a clock for my then boyfriends mother for her birthday as he requested me to make it.

When I finished high school I went off to college and the stitching stopped due to no finances at all to indulge my hobby.  Sadly my aunt died soon after I started college and due to family politics etc all my stuff was then thrown out to make room for her husbands new girlfriend and her children.

Sadly my completed project was one of the things thrown away.

Fast forward to when I was 23, married and just had my daughter.  I made three biggish designs to go in her room and then found knitting, which led to spinning and that lasted for a few years.  About three or four years ago I came back to my first love and I haven't put the needle down since.

But I found that I always wished that I could still have that first successful piece that I had made.
Then yesterday I was in the child welfare shop and guess what I found!!!

That is the design that my aunt bought me and that got chucked.  I may not have the original finished piece but at least now I can re-stitch it and it will always remind me of my aunt.


Cleejoow said...

some people really don't get how much time and effort we put in our stitching. I'm glad you found your 1st kit again. I started when I was 9 and I still have my finished piece somewhere. It was a small kit with a doll next to the letter "B"

sharine said...

Cool find:)

Thoeria said...

Oh Monique...thanks for sharing your story! I'm so pleased that you've found the'll be bittersweet to finish it and a great tribute to your aunt xxx

Loubie69 said...

I am pleased you have found the kit so that you can re-do it. I am also self taught and I started just before I had my first child. The first project I made was a little lace edged pincushion that was freebie with a magazine. I was never happy with how I attached the lace and sadly with several moves over the years I to have lost this project. My first proper one though is a sampler and that is still rolled up in my bedroom awaiting framing being finished on the 31st December 1995 :-)

Kaisievic said...

That is a great story and it has had a happy ending, too. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

So happy for you to find your first stitch. Hope you will enjoy working on it, and treasuring all your good memories.