Monday, March 11

TUSAL Update and 2nd finish of 2013

Firstly here is my March TUSAL Report:

Sorry for the use of flash as it's a dreary day here, and autumn is in the mood to give us a taste of whats to come.

A Friend Like you was the piece I worked on first since I implemented the 10 hour rotation and by the time I got to 10 hours there was only the backstitch around the middle basket and french knots left to do.  So instead of putting it away, I decided just to finish it.

So 12 hours took it from this:  

 To a Finish:

Now I will just have to find a frame for it and then do the framing and I will be able to give it to my friend.

KSP (the new kitty) is doing very well.  We have had her for a week now and she is so well behaved and so loveable that it really is wonderful to have her here.

She has already become my stitching companion as she keeps me company and sits on my lap while I work.

I got a question in my last post about what the numbers mean on my sidebar.

Well the ones that are numbered 0 are ones that don't have a specific place in my rotation.
Granted I don't even have two of them started yet, as every time I wanted to buy fabric to start them, the money was needed for something else.  But I have enough to work on so all is good.

Anything from 1 and higher is the numbers of my rotation.  I worked on A Friend Like you, and so after 5 hours of Literate Dragon, I will then work on Summer Fairy and so forth.

Now to go finish cleaning so that I can sit down with Literate Dragon.  The 2nd page has come out already and I haven't even got half of page 1 done.  But it will get there eventually.


sharine said...

Great stitching. Good to hear your new kitty is settling in well:)

Kaisievic said...

Congrats on your Happy Dance.

ricketyjo said...

Congrats on getting it finished, it looks great! :)

SoCal Debbie said...

Congratulations on your cute finish! The backstitching really makes it look adorable! What a wonderful gift.