Saturday, June 1

Holiday Update

Don't you just feel so sad when holidays are over??

We had a brilliant time and I got in a lot of stitching.  We took enough stuff to keep the daughter occupied and luckily for me hubby loves reading so that meant guilt free stitching time for me.

I wish I could have as much progress all the time.

Firstly here is the original picture of the Zebra's that I wanted to upload.  I was using a blog app on my phone and uploaded the wrong pic... this one is more clear:

We also had other visitors but excuse the quality of the pics as I was indoors when I took them and didn't want to move closer in case I scared them off.

Luckily there are no lions here and the only dangerous big animal is the Wildebeest and only when they have a baby in their herd.

Here is a better pic of Summer Fairy before I had the mishap of losing my working copy:

And finally Hocus Pocus.  I made a lot of progress since my last pic.  I fninished a bit of her clothes, the book, the candle and the mouse.  Next time I will do the half stitches and then a lot of backstitching before I carry on with the rest.  It's a pity that the half stitches do not show up in the pics as it's too close to the fabric colour.

I have no idea why the pic turned out so dark but I only realized it after uploading.


Linda said...

Great progress on both pieces Monique. Are you still working on the cut-thru.


SoCal Debbie said...

Wow! Your vacation pics of zebras and monkeys are so much better than my birds and squirrels! LOL.

Summer Fairy is gorgeous and Hocus Pocus looks great!