Monday, October 14

A Bit Of Everything

The last time you saw Hocus Pocus it looked like this:

As of about 15 minutes ago it now looks like this:

This project falls just short of the one year mark as I started it Halloween last year.  We don't celebrate it here but I felt like at least acknowledging it in theory and so I started this.

I have attempted starting a HAED a few times.  I actually almost managed a whole page on my BB SAL of Literate Dragon before I gave up and put it away.

I think my problem is that I either started projects that were too big for a first, or like LD, just too much confetti.  I think once I have a completed HAED it might motivate me to start a bigger/harder design.

So here is a new start... Mini Adriane

Winter has just passed us and clothing wise it was a terrible winter for me.  I need new jerseys and can't stand what they have in fashion at the moment... okay for the last two years.

So I spent most of the winter bundled up in tracksuit tops and thick jackets which did not look good at all.  So I decided to pull out the needles and make myself a few jerseys during the year.

Here is the start of my first one:

Okay I have two questions to answer from the last two posts.
I can't remember (off the top of my head) who asked about what online game I was talking about... it is called Ultima Online.

And Debbie, sadly I have not touched my 99 Bottles since the last update but my fingers have been itching to add a few more to my row.


Annette-California said...

Oh great progress on your stitching wips. Beautiful knitting - looking forward to seeing your new jersey as you knit it:) b
Beautiful yarn & color. love Annette

Emma/Itzy said...

Congrats on your finish! Good luck with the new HAED

Linda said...

Hocus Pocus is fantastic Monique. I love the bright colors. Lovely new start and I love the sweater your knitting.


Lija Broka said...

Nice finish. And an exciting colour knitting project. I know what you mean about confetti on the dragon. I am continuing to struggle with it. Surprisingly once one ignores the targets one sets for one self and just stitches when there is time it begins to slowly emerge. Wouldn't a mini have lots of confetti too? Good luck with knitting.