Monday, October 21

Ariadne and Christmas Decorations

I have made some nice progress on Mini Ariadne.  Row 1 of Page 1 is complete.

I know it's not much progress but it makes me feel a bit better breaking it down into page rows as it makes small "finishes" to be pleased about.

I also worked on some more Christmas decorations.

Next time it comes up in my rotation I will add the gold metallic threads and do the actual finishing.

I have been really enjoying my stitching time as I have been watching Stargate SG1 at the same time.  
I have been staying up way late but it's been so good at the same time.

I finished Season 3 last night and hope to start Season 4 soon.


Emma/Itzy said...

The colours in Ariadne are beautiful! Well done. The Christmas stitches are very sweet too :)

Linda said...

Great progress Monique. Love the little ornaments. Where did you get the designs.