Wednesday, February 5

2014 Smalls SAL Very Late Update Due To Technology

Technology really drives me nuts sometimes.  I use my phone to take my photo's as it takes them reasonably well and have never had a problem until now.

I tried to get my pics for the update on the 29th but my phone just would not show up on my laptop.  I tried everything from shutting down my phone and my laptop and nothing worked.  I tried it a few times over the course and still nothing... and then today all of a sudden it works!!!!

Anyway I don't know if I still get counted as it's late but anyway here goes.

First is the one I had stitched before and didn't finish.  I only had to add the gold metallic and then turn it into the decoration.

And here is the one I did for the SAL from start to finish:

I spray my decorations with scotchguard and was totally sad to see that the red I used around the edges ran on one of the decorations.  It has never happend before so it was a bit of a shock.  Luckily not too much damage but it still bugs me.  I guess I will have to wash the threads and hope it doesn't run if I use it on a project as I like washing my stitching once done.


Thoeria said...

Isn't technology just sooooo annoying??!!! When I take pics with my phone I normally mail them to myself so I can save them off onto my laptop! Your ornies are really cute! I'm sure no one but you would have noticed the red :)

Mii Stitch said...

Just found your blog! What cute ornaments, I love the little beading finish :)

Linda said...

Cute ornaments Monique.


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog.
Gorgeous finishes (:
I enjoyed looking at your lovely stitching.
Bramble x

LastingAllure said...

Those are super cute! Lovely stitching, and too bad about the red running, that can be a drag :(

Super cute though :)

Stitching Noni said...

Lovely stitching :o)
Sorry that the scotchguard made the red run....
Gorgeous ornies :o)

Jo said...

Hi Monique, back in August (yes, August, not sure how that happened) you entered a giveaway on my blog ( - and you won! I've finally properly finished the giveaway piece (time flies...), and I've realised I never heard from you! Can you email me at to claim your prize (and sorry for being so slow at sorting it, life just got in the way for a while). Jo x