Wednesday, April 9

A Bit Of A Rant

Please excuse the following but I had an incident earlier today and it's been stewing in my head and I just need to vent.

We are doing the easter sale this year again and they have left giving us the sweets to fill the eggs with to the very last minute.  We got the sweets this afternoon and our completed/decorated eggs need to be at the school first thing Friday morning.

Anyhoo one of the moms was saying how she doesn't know how she is going to manage everything because she also signed up to bake a cake and I smiled knowingly at her and I told her that I had also signed up for that and we are going to be so busy until Friday.

She gave me this look and this is how the short conversation went:
She:  But you don't have a job do you?
Me:  Well no I don't.
She:  You are so lucky that you don't have to work.

Umm excuse me?  I'm sure any stay at home mom's are sitting up a bit straighter reading this and feel exactly how I felt.  Lets see:

I am a maid
I am a laundry
I am a cook
I am a 24 hour child minder
I am the reason our animals are still alive and healthy in this house
I am a taxi

We DO have a job.  And it's one of the most thankless jobs out there.  I work every day of the week, I am on duty for longer than 8 hours a day and you know what I don't get a nice salary at the end of the month showing me what my hard work earned.

The work we do in the house is thankless because everything you do today you know will look like it needs it done tomorrow.  You don't do a task in the house and feel satisfied knowing it's a job well done that you can put away as done for good.  I clean the bath today so that someone can dirty it tonight, I wash, iron and pack away washing just so that it can get dirtied again, I organize the daughters room so that her and her friends can mess it up on the first weekend afterwards  I am the sole caregiver of my daughter and everything she needs done is my responsibility as the husband was brought up in a old fashioned family where the children are a woman's job.  On top of that she is in a school  where the mothers are put to work at every school function or fundraiser... hence the painting, decorating and filling of eggs... the baking a cake tomorrow... the working for an hour and a half at the sale on Friday.  I also got given a job by the school for their birthday celebration coming up of trying to find every single person who ever went to the school in the last 50 years via facebook and all I have is their names and surnames.

So any extra work I get given works the same as as any other "working" mom.  I have to do it in my free time just like them.

And you know it's sad but it's not the first time someone has made a comment like this to me.

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Thoeria said...

I hear your Monique...some women seem to think that stay at home moms have nothing to do......which I don't get. Both moms who work or stay at home make sacrifices and have a full plate. Just ignore the insensitive biddy...she has no idea what she's talking about xxx