Sunday, January 15

Back from the dead and Pic Heavy

Sometimes it's really surprising how time goes by so fast.

I was shocked to realize that I have been gone for over a year and don't really have an excuse for it.  Life just happened, as it does sometimes.  Not all of it good things and some of it really good things.

I sat down today to work out what I have stitched since my last update and was totally shocked to see that I only had one other finish in 2015!  I don't understand how that can be, as I can't recall stopping stitching.  Need to look into that further, but for now lets leave it as one more finish.

But first let me go make a cup of tea, as I think this will be a long post, and I may need the refreshment...

Back and lets see...

I got two FO's framed in 2015.

Ladybird Fairy was a gift to my Nanna and I didn't realize that I took such a bad photo of the framed stitching.  Will have to take a better photo next time I'm visiting her.

Then I got Jewel of the Water framed at the same time.

My one and only other finish for 2015 (which sadly only makes 3 FO"S for the entire year) was:

Autumn Fairy by Joan Elliott.

Started:  23 December 2014 and finished 27 December 2015

2016 was better, as far as finishes are concerned, and will hopefully continue to be just as good through 2017.

Christmas Decorations:

Started:  03 January 2013
Finished:  02 January 2016

Cut Thru Cottage

Started: 10 May 2014 
Finished 29 January 2016

Don't Bug Me (Needlebook)

Started:  03 March 2016
Finished:  15 March 2016

Curious Cats

Started: 18 April 2016
Finished:  20 May 2016

Autumn Goddess

Started:  21 May 2016
Finished: 25 July 2016

Forgive Quckly

Started:  09 June 2016
Finished:  13 June 2016

Living With Charm

Started:  14 June 2016
Finished:  18 September 2016

And lastly:

Eeyore Candy Cane
Started:  24 September 2016
Finished:  27 September 2016

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