Tuesday, June 21

Progress Pics

I am so pleased with cross stitch at the moment. It's my daughters 7th birthday in about a month and a half and I had no idea what to do for it. We decided to do a party but that was all. Then yesterday I asked her if I should sew her cards and then we can make the cards ourselves with pretty board. We looked through magazines and she chose a picture of a tea cup. I asked her if she was sure that it was what she wanted and she was adament. I didn't think it was appropriate until I realised that she had just given me the theme for her party. We are going to have a Tea Party!!!

Now I just hope that I can stitch five invitations with time to send them out and get rsvp's back.

My main project at the moment is a set of four doors that I am making. I have completed one up to the point that I need to do the backstitch.

The following is a picture I took the day of my last post and the second one is the progress I made up to today. I would normally have finished it today or tomorrow but I think the cards are going to be keeping me busy for awhile.

I am also busy with another Smiley Bears that is almost finished. It is called Apple Harvest and I am just completing the backstitch and it will be finished and I can begin another big project.

And lastly here is a project that I finished about a year ago. It's a Smiley Bears and I think it is called First Letter. I really need to get it framed asap as I see the fabric is yellowing and it is looking worn.

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