Friday, June 17


Well if you have come across this, then welcome to my new blog.

I guess the first place to start would be to introduce myself.

My name is Monique and as shocked as I am, I find myself 29 years of age but in just over a months time I will be 30!!! Goodness I still remember feeling like 21 would never come.

I have one daughter who turns 7 two days after I turn 30 and I can't believe how quick she went from a baby to 7. My husband and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary last month.

I started my love of cross stitch purely by accident. I think it was my 16th or 17th birthday and a aunt obviously didn't know what to get me and ended up getting me a kit that was butterflies that you turned into cards. Lets just say I never turned them into cards because all I had for reference was the instructions that came with the kit and I messed it up so bad that I don't even think I finished the second one.
My other aunt saw that I enjoyed working with it and on my next birthday or maybe christmas she got my a pocahontas kit. I spent every free moment between school and my weekend job and loved it. It was not perfect but I did finish it. I must say that it's sad to say that I have no idea where it has disappeared to after so many moves since then. I would of loved to be able to look at it after so many years.
My next project was a actual clock. I was 17 turning 18 when my (than boyfriend, now obviously my ex) wanted to do something really special for his mom for christmas. We shared the cost of the materials and I sewed the clock and then he built the frame and put the clock together. She said she loved it but I was never sure. It would be interesting to know if she still has it hanging up in her house.

I met my husband when I was 21 and didn't do any cross stitch until my daughter was born. I want to eventually make the whole set which is I think about 6 patterns but I did the first two when she was born.

The first one is Smiley Bears Wedding

The second one is called Smiley Bears Ballet.
This one is my favorite one simply because it was the hardest. I am not sure you can see it in the photo but the skirts on the bears are made with french knots. Every square on the bottom skirts arefrench knots instead of a X.

I have not done alot of stitching since then but I have managed to finish another Smiley Bears picture and have almost completed another one. Plus I did a dolls house and now I am busy one a set of four small designs.

I will leave pictures of those for the next time though.

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