Friday, December 16

Start Of Fairy

I asked my SIL for ideas on what to get her daughter for christmas.  She said that they are redoing her bedroom in fairy/pony theme and that anything to do with that would be great.  So instead of trying to run around town trying to find something that fits the bill, I decided to make her something and then sew it onto a scatter cushion cover.

I chose a fairy out of Cross Stitch Crazy 142 because she is pretty but also not so much work that I won't get it done in time.  I worked on my Cat for Tuesday and then that evening I started the fairy.  As of right now this is what she looks like:

The rocks that she is sitting on uses two DMC threads called Color Variations.  Now I just thought this was their fancy name for their variagated colours.  I was super excited about this as I have not worked with the variagated before.  We have two shops in town that sell DMC threads and I was confused when I saw that the numbers I needed were 4 numbers and the variagated at the shops only had 2 numbers on them.  So off I came home and browsed the trusty web and found out that they are not the same.  Being a week before christmas and today being a holiday I would only be able to order them online on Monday and chances of them getting to me before christmas is slim to none even if I was willing to pay R70 for overnight postage which I would never do for only two threads.  I will choose solid colours for the rocks and I just won't tell anybody.  Suprisingly I will have one last FO for 2011.

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