Monday, December 12

The Project That Just Won't Be Stitched!

(The above picture is not mine.  I saved it off of a blog once because I wanted to show hubby how stunning it looked completed.  If you know whose it is please leave a comment so that I can give credit where credit is needed)

This project will be the death of me!!!!

It is stunning and screaming my name but....

Take 1:  I started it on 14 count and did alot of the castle and then I got all perfectionist on myself and decided that why am I battling to get the fractional stitches neat on this count when it would be so much easier on 28 count.  So I go buy myself a metre of 28 count and start again.  In the meantime I use the fabric around the already stitched part to use for the table numbers.

Take 2:  Working on 28 count for the first time and a difficult design on top of it I know I should grid but heck I don't need to.  Make a huge counting mistake and after unpicking decide to grid.  Mmmm the count of the gridding is not working out according to the design.  Realise that I got the width versus the height mixed up when I started stitching.  Chuck the fabric in the bottom of my basket in frustration vowing that I don't have to do this project at all!!

Take 3:  I keep finding myself looking at the design over and over again.  Admiring how beautiful it is and how accomplished I would feel completing such a complicated piece.  Finally pull out the fabric again.  Unpick the previous stitching and actually grid the fabric right way round this time.  Tonight I finally sit down to start stitching and after doing part of the wing I realise I hate working on 28 count!!!

Now I am kicking myself having cut up my first attempt on 14 count because at least I would of being able to just continue with it and being happy that there was a bit of it done.  Now I have two big pieces of 28 count and I don't think I have any 14 count big enough for the design.  So will I try making it again or will I just give up on the whole idea.  I probably will attempt it at least one more time but I don't think it will be anytime soon.

I had alot of stiching time this weekend so I actually finished the whole circle round her head and all the flowers.  I physically stitched until my fingers hurt on Sunday because I was so close to completing the area.

I can't wait till I do the backstitch details as her face keeps on bugging me.

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Joysze said...

Sorry to hear you're having to much trouble with the TW. :( It's a gorgeous design, that's for sure. Have you gridded your new 28ct? That might help?

Good luck with finishing the current area so you can get to backstitching.