Friday, December 2

Advent Calendar Complete & Stash

Its been awhile since I did a post.  I was only working on the Advent Calendar and didn't think it was all that interesting to keep showing posts like... heres another three blocks finished.

But now I can actually show a finished object and let me tell you that I am sooo happy that this is finished.  Now don't get me wrong because it is a lovely design.  It was one of those that looked even better once stitched up than it did on paper and I loved every single block.  The only thing I didn't like was the choice of the colour for most of the backstitch.  Now I know some people think that black is too harsh for it and so a grey makes much more sense but this grey just didn't work for all of the blocks.  There were some parts that you had to look really hard to see the backstitch.  Now I know I could of changed it to a colour I liked better but I am no designer and I like to think that there is a specific reasone a colour is chosen.

Advent Calendar
Cross Stitch Crazy Issue 156
Designer:  Jane Henderson
Started:  29 October 2011
Finished:  02 December 2011

Sadly I think this will probably be my last finish for 2011 as the only thing that I have that is close to been finished is the doors and, seeing as I have fallen out of love with them, they will probably be slow going.

I got mail today:-)
Firstly I finally got one of these:

And one of these:

Plus a bit of stash enhancement:

Hehe yes I bought myself some early christmas presents with the excuse that I must buy them now while the postal service is still running.  And the last present I bought myself hasn't arrived yet and isn't anything to do with stitching but it will mean one (hopefully two) hours a night of stitching time that I have already prebooked.  I loved the first seasone of Merlin and so I now bought myself not only S2 but also S3!!
And no I didn't bankrupt my family in the process, this was my own money, so no hungry mouths this month.

I didn't allow myself to do my other projects because of the deadline on the Advent C but I did cheat a little and did this:

And finally here is my stitching roster that I am playing around with:

Art Nouveau Lady (2 days)
Christmas Ornaments (1 day)
SK Flower Bride (2 days)
Christmas Ornaments (1 day)
Perfect Pets (2 days)
Christmas Ornaments (1 day)
Fairy (2 days)
Christmas Ornaments (1 day)
HAED (2 days)
Christmas Ornaments (1 day)
Castle (2 days)
Christmas Ornaments (1 day)
Doors (1 day)

I should hopefully get the plastic canvas on Monday or Tuesday so I can start on the Ornaments.

Happy Stitching!!!

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Thoeria said...

Hi Monique! I'm so excited about "meeting" a fellow South African stitcher :)
Your advent calendar is gorgeous!
I have to ask - where did you get your q-snap from? I have a little one that I got from an online shop (123-stitch) and really want to get a bigger one!
The cat chart on my site is yours if you want it - please drop me a mail with your address and I'll have it in the mail this weekend!
Look forward to following you :)