Tuesday, December 6

Plastic Canvas

First part of my rotation is complete.  I worked on Lady for the last three days.  I planned on only two days per project but because my plastic canvas hadn't come yet, I carried on working on her.  I made alot of progress and am really enjoying working on her but tomorrow is another exciting day as I start my first LARGE HAED and am looking forward to it.  Anyway here is what she looked like just before I rolled her up and packed her away:

I just picked up the plastic canvas from the post office so I will at least start on a christmas decoration tonight once I have finished with making dinner.  I was rather suprised when I opened the package as the last time I saw plastic canvas it was clear and not flexable at all.  This is cream and can be bent.  Hopefully the stitching will stiffen it up as it will be decorations for the tree.

Next update will be progress on my HAED and I am interested to see how much progress I will be able to make in two days.

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Joysze said...

She's looking great. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas ornaments and HAED.