Thursday, January 12

Forgotten Photo's

I was wanting to take the pictures of my daughter at her first day of school off the camera when I came across photo's that I had forgotten about.  We are lucky enough to live near a game reserve and we sometimes drive down there on a Sunday to go have lunch and drive around the park.  This is what we were lucky enough to see on our last visit:

We go away once a year to spend a week in Drakensberg and in 2011 we visited Falcon Ridge where they have a wide assortment of birds of prey that they rehabilitate.  They train them and then put on shows of the birds as a way to make money to cover the costs of running the facility and taking care of the birds.  These were my two favs:

Also on the same trip we decided to splurge and go for our first helicopter ride.  We were all extremely excited.  I know the following pic is a bit personal but I figure that it was about time you saw who I am considering that you are interested in reading my words.  I personally like reading blogs where you get to see/read a bit about a persons life and you get to feel like they are a friend that you comment to once in awhile and maybe sometimes they comment back:-)

And here is the photo that started it all:  My daughter at her first day of school:

And lastly for what you are actually here for.  This is my progress on Perfect Pets and as you will see alot of progress was made:



To Thoeria

Sadly havn't heard from my friend yet and havn't phoned her as I don't want to pester her into an answer.  Although I might phone tomorrow as the excitement is killing me.  I forgot that Joburg has a different start to the school year compared to KZN.  Although I know how excited my daughter was to start school so I am sure your boy can't wait for next week.
I am a cat person but due to hubby having allergies to cat hair, I cannot have a cat.  So I figure the next best thing is to plaster the house with lots of cats even if they are just stitched.  First it will be this one and then the one you so generously gave me, which will be hanging in my kitchen.  And then I am wanting to do the dimensions one of the wild cat in the tree and I think it sais something like "too pooped" and then also if I can find the chart of the cat hanging off a branch with the words "Hanging in there".  Then I have a few Catitudes to do and mmmm that is as far as I have planned.  So long answer short... I am only stitching the Cat and not the dog.

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