Tuesday, January 10

Fickle Mind

There has been much excitement in the house today.

Tomorrow is my daughters first day of "big" school as she will be going to Grade 1.  I wish that the excitement would last for more than just the first year or two.  She kept saying to me that she can't believe that she has finally made it and that she is becoming such a big girl now. 

And I have been trying to think of a way to ask hubby if I could place an international order as I would like a smaller q-snap frame.  I bought a big one from a supplier here in SA and it's just too big for me.  I like the size of the embroidery hoops but it don't like how it damages stitches so I wanted a small one and then I could just buy one of those sewn elastic thingies to put around it to hold the excess fabric.  I asked my daughters swimming teacher what she uses and she told me that she doesn't use a frame.  But she has a frame that she has had for years and she will loan it to me until I can get myself sorted out.  She came out of the house with something that looks like the same as a q-snap frame but it has an added piece that is like a wooden lap frame.  So it sits on your lap and you work with both hands free.  I asked hubby if there is any chance he can make me one and luckily he said that it is just made out of pvc pipes and the joins are water pipe bend or something like that.  He has given me the okay to go look at the hardware store and if I can get the supplies he will make me one.

But my bff came for a quick visit to give my daughter a gift for starting school and I showed her the frame.  She told me that when her and her sisters were young they used to do the embroidery that you use french knots on.  This means that that as far as she can remember her mom has about four wooden frames and two stands that havn't been used in years.  She will ask her mom tomorrow if she would be interested in me purchasing them.  I have no idea what they look like or what sizes they are but I am super excited at the thought of being able to purchase them.

I can't wait for tomorrow...

I have once again been fiddling with my rotation.  I got a bit depressed with my stitching as I felt like little progress was made on each piece before I was packing it away.  So I have extended my rotation per project so instead of 3 days I now work on one design for 5 days.  So I started my rotation from the start again.

I have been working on Perfect Pets by Joan Elliott for the last 4 days so at least I will be able to post a pic tomorrow night.  I am much happier now as I can be satisfied in knowing that much progress has been made on it.

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Thoeria said...

Lucky you to have a hubby that can make you a frame! Hopefully your friend will have given you some good news about her mom's older frames too! Hope your daughter enjoyed her first day back at school yesterday :) My son starts grade 1 next week too! Which of the perfect pets are you stitching? Cat or Dog? Or both?