Friday, January 6

Start Of Mythical Muse

Considering that I have had three days to work on it, I havn't got much to show:

I havn't stitched as much on this as I have spent more of my free time reading but it is still a bit scary that that little bit took me 5.5 hours to do.  Out of curiosity I did a google image search on Mythical Muse before I started her and there were only two showing.  Now at least I understand why not many people have made this.  There are no large amounts of one colour and I found myself constantly threading my needle.  I think the technical term in the stitching world is "confetti" and this design is all confetti.  And on top of that I am a slow stitcher so this will probably end up being a long term WIP but I have no doubt that she will be soooo worth it in the end.

I am starting another Joan Elliott today, and seeing as this one also has alot of colour changes,  I will try out the pre-threaded needles idea and see if it helps me not be too much like a snail.

I also need to learn how to take good pics of my work as I am not pleased with how the above pic turned out.

I have replaced the kreinik threads with DMC:

Kreinik 3533 - DMC E3837
Kreinik 3250 - DMC E168 or 677 (havn't decided yet)


Thoeria said...

Oh she's going to be worth it when she's done Sara!

blue star stitcher said...

I like color changes that keep it interesting, but I hate only having a one or two stitches of each color. I'd say you've done good so far.

Thoeria said...

LOL....I'm a doofus! Just realised I called you Sara :-) Sorry Monique - that's what happens when you chat on the phone and type at the same time!

Joysze said...

Monique, I think that's a great start!! Confetti always takes more time but the results are so worth it. :D