Monday, April 30

Fairy Hill Update

Have been struggling to figure out a good rotation system for myself for awhile now and I finally think I have got it. Heres Fairy Hill before:

And heres Fairy Hill after 10 hours of work:

I finished up on it last night and today I started on Mythical Muses 10 hours in the lime light... so far I have managed to do about 20minutes of work on her and it's already afternoon.  Hoping to at least have another hour of work this evening after all duties are done.

My daughter decided, after I started Cinderella mind you, that she wanted the fabric pink... so I dyed it and unfortunately some of the lighter threads have picked up the dye and so I am having to frog alot of her.  This is what she looks like as of today.

After frogging, all that will be left is the purple and pink of her dress and then the tiny little bit of her hair.

Currently Reading:  Confessions of a Demented Housewife by:  Niamh Greene


Thoeria said...

Your Fairy Hill looks so cute! And Cinderella looks lovely too :)

The 10 hour rotation works great especially if you have a few projects on the go :)

Claire said...

Wow Fair Hill looks great.Another on on the wish list lol.