Thursday, May 17

Another Rotation Bites The Dust

Okay I am just about to give up on rotations all together.

I tried the 10 hour rotation per WIP and it just caused more work for me. I am not the type to have a designated stitching period. I usually sit down for 5 minutes, 10 minutes there and so forth. So I was always having to try remember to set my stopwatch, stop my stopwatch and write the times down and then add them all up.

Right so now I have got one last rotation option that I can think of... and thats the goal roatation. I will be setting myself a goal on each piece and when that goal is completed (no matter how long it takes), I will then move onto the next WIP.  

Teachers Bday Gift
Complete whole bookmark  

Fairy Hill
Complete the all the bathroom on Page 4  

Mythical Muse
Seashell in her hand and the ribbon  

Unpicking and then stitching the gold part of her dress  

Fancy Fairy
Finish Right Wing  

Autumn Flowers (Gift for my MIL Birthday)
Gridding and the whole vase  

Fairytale Sampler??? (must double check if that's the designs name)
Stitching around fabric edges, Gridding, border and ....  

Stitching Renaissance
Top and left border.

Luckily I have gotten a good start to this rotation. I have started the bookmark and will continue working on it until it is finished. The theachers birthday is on Tuesday the 22nd so I don't want to be rushing at the last moment.

And I have finished the work I wanted to do on Fairy Hill... and what a fun stitch it is.

Currently Reading:  Game Of Thrones by George RR Martin


blue star stitcher said...

I need to come up with a better way to work my rotation, instead I just keep starting new projects. I love the progress on Fairy Hill!

Thoeria said...

Great progress Monique! Stitching is about relaxing - so if the rotation is stressing you then I agree - toss it! Look forward to seeing your progress on your goals!

Anonymous said...

Your stitching is lovely!
Good luck with your new method.