Monday, June 11

A Rant!!!

I am so unhappy right now due to a chain store bookshop.

I live in a small town and so we have a CNA but its not a big one.  As an example we had to go out of town to buy the first few books on George RR Martin and now going to have to either order online or wait to go out of town to get the 2 A Dance with Dragons books.

But we do have 3 Cross Stitch magazines on our shelves.  Now due to the costs involved in getting the mags from overseas they make them expensive.  i generally buy a mag if there is one or two designs in there that I know I will stitch.

Joann Elliott has her Fairytale series and I have been excitedly waiting for Sleeping Beauty to come out in CSG. About a month ago I rushed down to get it and was suprised that it wasn't there. Was told that maybe it would come in the next week and so I went back and no mag. We went out of town last weekend and hubby actually drove me around Durban because I just want this mag so bad. We were told at every shop that it was sold out. On top of this I found out that there are actually about 7 cross stitch mags that are available and I never even knew this. But I was good because I kept hoping that one of the shops would at least have 1 copy and I had to keep my money for that.

We came back to town and on Tue I went to CNA again and still no mag. I was told that this is probably due to headoffice feeling that not all the mags sell and so they just stop sending them.

Now I think this is total bull as there has been a few times that I have grabbed the last CSG on the shelf. And maybe they could send like only 2-3 of the mags so that we can at least have a chance of getting it.

Now just have to hope that JE will offer this as a Chart Pack in the future and also her Rapunzel.

Its just so sad to know that I will no longer be able to get one of my fav mag anymore. I hope that they have plans to go digital like Cross Stitch Collection and then I can subscribe to both.


Cleejoow said...

I understand your frustration. I live in Belgium, and we have NO cross stitch magazines here. I discovered UK mags a couple of years back in a newsstand specialized in overseas magazines. But they went out of business now. I soon discovered they charged almost double (!) for one copy. I then took a subscription to my favorite magazine. I do have to wait a bit longer to receive my copy (almost two weeks) but at least I'm sure I have my copy and at a reasonable price... I bought the Maragret Sherry bookazine and they charged over 20€ for it here... I was too late to order it online so didn't really have a choice :(

Thoeria said...

Oh Monique I know what you mean! Even being in Johannesburg I've had run ins with CNA about mags! Not all their branches carry the same catelogue. The one closest to me doesn't stock CSG, but the one that's about 5kms away does. I'll go and have a look see this weekend at what they have on their shelves!