Friday, June 15

An Update At Last...

It's taken ages for me to do this post as life just got so busy.  Although it would seem most of the blogging world is busy as there have been very little updates on the blog list.

I took these photos a few days ago and so my Fairy Hill is a bit further on than it was then.

And heres a close up of the toadstools just because I think they are so cute.

I have been having a hard time with my stitching lately, as I just love working on this designs so much, but I have come to a happy medium I think.

I realised that seeing as most of the stuff I am making is for me personally and I am making them just because I want to, it doesn't matter if it takes me five years to compete a design.  Hubby is a bit of a fanatic about the house and how everything must mesh with everything else and so I do not hang up my work in the house.  We have a flat that he is using as his workshop atm but soon he will put all his stuff in the garage.  The flat is just a small two room (lounge and bedroom) with a bathroom.  So we will convert the bedroom into a storage area for stuff we only use on occassion and the "lounge"  will be turned into a craft room for me.  So I will be painting the walls a lovely warm light yellow and will have bright blue curtains and lots of storage for cross stitch stuff that I will accumulate in my life.  And tons of wall space to hang all my work on.  But I digress....  So for now I will keep Fairy Hill as my main WIP and I will then have one other WIP that I will work on Sundays as that is generally the day I can get away with stitching all day.

For now this WIP is Autumn Flowers which is to be a present for my MIL's birthday at the end of the year.  It just looks like blobs at the moment but I am sure it will become clearer as more work is done on it.

Just a side note: Its weird how a project will always retain a memory. Everythime I look at Autumn Flowers I think Of Aliens VS Predator 2 because that's what I was watching while doing the gridding:-)

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SoCal Debbie said...

How exciting that you will have your own crafty room to decorate as you please! Autumn Flowers will be a very nice gift for your MIL. Fairy Hill looks great!