Monday, June 25

A Very Late June TUSAL

As usual in my life, I took the photo on the right day but just didn't get a chance to upload it until now.

As you will notice I have a few new bottles and I got them specifically to to Tangled Threads Jar Topper.

I have finished on so far and its on top of my TUSAL Year Jar.  I am currently working on another one for the smaller jar, which will hold my markers, scissors, extra needles ( I loose them like crazy) etc.

So heres a small finish:


I worked on Fairy Hill:

A tiny little bit on Autumn Flowers:

And (if you read my rant about our local CNA) then you would know my happiness when I got a phone call and was told that this had come in.  It was just a month late but at least I got it.  Luckily I have no extra fabric and no plans on buying any until more WIPS are at least near completion, otherwise I would of had a hard time not starting her.

I apologise for the absolutely horrible photos.  Usually they are not that great but this time I really outdid myself on taking horrible pics.


Thoeria said...

Love the topper jars! Very cute and clever :) And some lovely progress too :) So glad you got the mag!

Claire said...

Great progress.