Monday, June 25

Hunk No. 1

I have seen a few blogs where they add pics of Hunk once a week.  Seeing as my blog has been not too exciting in the last while, I decided to jump on the bandwagon.  We all have different tastes and goodness knows that there are enough men out there so we don't get bored.  I don't have a plan on how long I will do this... maybe just until I can't think of any other men that I like to look at.

My pic for today is:

Ian Somerhalder

I know him from Vampire Daires and have never watched Lost so don't know what kind of character he plays in that one.

As I am writing this I have this fantasy in mind... now if you have never watched VD then I am sure this will go over your head.

These eyes:

And that smile:

Kk you got that??? Now add those two items together staring at you while he dances like he did on one of the episodes with Vicky just before she turned.

Now I am not a girly girl but that image even manages to make my knees go week.  This guy is going to make some girl very, very, very, VERY Happy:-)

And as if he isn't lucky enough ( in looks) turns out that he is like a fine wine.  He just gets better with age...

No idea how young he was here but definitely very cute.  But I got to say I like the slightly longer hair.

And my two cents on whether I am rooting for Damon or Stefan to end up with the girl.  I feel that she should be with Stefan.  They have two much history for her to just ignore him and be with Damon.  Plus as far as the character Damon... he has had a pretty bad handout as far as love etc goes that I think it would be totally good for him to find someone who loves him and only him and who isn't trying to change him the whole time.

Ok enough said.

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pic no 4!!! ....oooooo :)