Thursday, July 5


Don't usually set goals for myself because as soon aa I set them, I break them.

But I was looking at my 2012 FO's and was shocked to see that most of my finishes were small and the 2 larger ones were ones I started in 2011.

So for the rest of the year I will try do 12 in 2012.  So far if my count is correct I have 8 done and so I need to finish 4 more.

It sounds doable to me as 1 of the WIPs has to be completed this year anyway.

1.  Autumn Flowers - for my MILs birthday later in the year.
2.  Hocus Pocus - I am allowing myself 1 new item.
3.  Mythical Muse - She is halfway done
4.  Fairy Hill - it is also about half way done and I want to finish it so that I can start a new CutIThru design.


Thoeria said...

Good luck with the goals! Looks like you're going to busy:)Love the mountain pic!

lesli said...

I've found I work much better with goals...especially when I have WIPs that are to be gifts! :)

Good luck with your goals...they sound great (and definitely doable!)

Lija said...

Good luck!