Friday, June 29

Passione Ricamo A Fairy Mistery SAL

I cannot believe it but I have just signed up to do this year long SAL.

It was touch and go there for awhile as I had to get hubby to do the payment as its his paypal account and he isn't too impressed with me when I told him what a mystery sal is.  He told me that he thinks I'm bonkers for wanting to do it and then he asked me if I'm bored perhaps.  So he is a bit sore doing it but he did it and now I get to enjoy waiting for 1 July for the first part to come out.

Its my first SAL ever and I'm really excited.

I don't know what time zone they are on so not sure exactly when it will be emailed but I will be checking my email a lot.

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Thoeria said...

How exciting Monique! Ohhh I am so wanting to sign up for this one too :)