Tuesday, August 21

Blog Reading = Bad

Looking at ther peoples blogs are not good for me!

Just from todays browsing I want this



All this is a bit funny as I think its my inner child coming out because we don't celebrate Halloween here.  Now I'm going to spend the rest of my day hunting for a place that has all 3 designs (to save on shipping) and who will ship to me.

I want to say thank you for all the lovely responses to my last post.  I can not return the fabric as I already cut into it when I realised the size issue.  i wanted to start both my recent purchases from HAED and they are just too big.  I cannot go smaller than 18 count as my eyes will not handle the strain.

And thank you for the generous offer of sending me some 18 count and it warms my heart but I will decline the offer as I will not be ok with someone else putting themself out of pocket for me.

I have enough projects that I can do on 14 count and I'm sure I will survive not been able to stitch a HAED.

I think what bugs me is the fact that I have wasted money.  The charts I have purchased cannot be used by me but I cannot give them to someone else who would love to receive them.  they are now just going to look pretty on my pc.

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SoCal Debbie said...

Hi Monique, you must have been looking at my blog! I can send you the charts for Trick or Treat and Cackle and Halloween House after I am finished. I don't mind mailing to your country. Please contact me by email. Hope to help! Debbie