Sunday, August 19


Gonna be a bit melodramatic here but I feel like me stitching a HAED is doomed.

I have purchased a few Designs and bought 28 count fabric because I find 25 count, only to find out my eyes just can't handle that size.

So I bought 2m 18 count fabric with birthday money and when I tried measuring and cutting for a new start I saw that the fabric measured 55cm/21.5" instead of the 75cm/29.5" that the website said it was.  i contacted the shop and it turns out it was an error on the site and that 55cm is all they sell it as.

Now 55cm is too small for most standard HAEDs and hubby won't let me order so soon again otherwise I might of tried purchasing a mini version of a design as I think those are small enough.

So as I can't get bigger fabric and I can't purchase any designs, I was thinking of adding two pieces of 18 count together to make a piece of fabric the size I need.

So has anyone ever done this and if so, can you please tell me how to go about doing it in a way that show in the end.


Maureen said...

Could you return the fabric and possibly try a 20ct piece. Would it be big enough? Or could you modify the chart i.e miss a bit out, in order for it to fit the fabric. What design are you planning to start?

SoCal Debbie said...

Oh Monique! What a bummer! I would request a refund since the description was wrong, and they should pay the return postage. Then you can order the correct fabric, maybe from somewhere else.

lesli said...

I agree with Maureen and Debbie! You should be able to return it and get a refund for a new order!

Which chart were you going to start? What is the H x L of stitches...I might have some 18 count I could send you!