Thursday, October 25

Very Late Tusal and SF Update

We have been offline with our internet for awhile.  Luckily I could still use my phone to read blogs and comment, but my phone doesn't like the new blogger interface.

Okay first my very late Tusal for October:

Its a good thing that there are only two months left at my Jar looks like this already:

I wone a prize over at and this is what the very generous lady sent me:

Wow, what a lot of goodies, and such a nice package to receive, Thank You.

And lastly here is how Summer Fairy looks now.  She is so fun to work on but she has been put away for awhile:

 And lastly I don't normally get too personal on the blog but I just had to share this pic of my daughter.  We were at a bird show and the kids got to hold one of the birds.  I think her expression says it all:

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SoCal Debbie said...

Summer Fairy looks beautiful! What a wonderful prize package you received!