Tuesday, November 13

TUSAL and Stitchy Update

Firstly here is my TUSAL jar as of today:

A nice amount of stitching this month!

My Ladybug Jar topper was finished on the 28 October and I love it.

Sorry for the flash.  I dropped my phone at some point and I think I damaged the camera a little.  So now it doesn't take pics well and they either come out dark (without flash) or grainy.  I will have to start remembering to use the camera for my updates.

I got into the spirit of Halloween and started a new project on the 31st.

Hocus Pocus by Joan Elliott

I will be ordering enough 16 count for 2 HAED projects end of Nov and hopefully it will arrive early Dec.  My plans will be (don't hold me to it) that I will rotate between the 2 projects after a page completion on them.  Saturdays are normal days here but Sundays are my "day off", as I only do general cleaning like dishes and beds etc and enjoy the day with stitching, so every Sat and Sun will be me working on a non-HAED.

Right now I am working on finishing Cut-Thru Fairy Hill until my fabric arrives, and then after that I will concentrate on Fancy Fairy as it's been months since I touched her.

I finally finished the kitchen and will now be working on the last room and then only the front entrance to do and then a Happy Dance.


SoCal Debbie said...

You have such a pretty ORT jar! Hocus Pocus looks great! Fairy Hill is so wonderful! I love that kitchen.

Loubie69 said...

You have some pretty projects on the go. The gridded fabric does the ink disappear when you wash the project or is it one of the fading type variety of fabric pens?

Kasey said...

I am still scared of the HAED's despite how beautiful they are. What great work you do!! Check out my post: http://koehlerkreations.blogspot.com/2012/11/an-award.html