Monday, November 19

A SAL and Fairy Hill (again)

I decided to participate in the 2013 HAED Freebie SAL this year.  I just need to make sure I order extra fabric.  It feels like next week will never come.  I will only be able to order the fabric round about next Wednesday, and due to our Postal Service vehicles not working on weekends, I will probably only get the fabric the following week.  So I estimate at least a 2 week wait before I can start on my HAED journey.

This is the design I chose to do:

QS Literate Dragon 139 x 145 - 20,155

I chose this design because it reminds me of my husband.  Okay it makes me think of what he will be doing later in life.  Excluding the dinner jacket and Shakespeare, but otherwise that's exactly what he will be doing with alot of his time once retired.

I have been stitching and stitching on Fairy Hill.  This project feels like a bit of a black hole.... like it will never end.  Though I get like that at the end of every project.
Though I don't like starting a project either... my favorite time on a design is where I can start to see the picture forming but still have lots to do.

This is how the last room looks now and here is the overall view:

I just wish I could find a camera that takes true pictures.  These pics were taken in natural daylight and my camera just washes out the colours.  They are alot more vibrant then I can get it to show.


SoCal Debbie said...

Fairy Hill looks fantastic and fun to stitch all those details. How nice that you chose a HAED that reminds you of your hubby (in the future).

Emma/Itzy said...

Great choice for the BB SAL, I decided on Mystic Garden in the end but it was a toss up between these two!

Your wip looks great, you will get it done soon I am sure!

Linda said...

I'm lovin Fairy Hill. Makes me want to start it. Good luck with your HAED SAL. I was thinking about joining but can't find the link.


lesli said... those colors in Fairy Hill!!

Looking forward to seeing your SAL progress for next year! I had a tough tough tough time choosing a chart for this one...I finally decided on QS Nostlagy. So excited to start!