Tuesday, January 22

Finally delving into the worlld of HAED

I have been saying for ages that I wanted to try one of these and now I have two started and two more starts planned, as soon as I buy 2m of 16 count aida.

It has been a hard thing to get into as I am doing them on 18 count and it is not easy for my eyes, and also progress is alot slower and one gets a bit frustrated with it.

First up is QS Literate Dragon (the BB year SAL).

It doesn't look like much, but I have worked out how many stitches per day I need to do to get this done during the year, and I am actually a few days ahead of schedule.

My new start is Mini Eternal Promise.  This one really doesn't look like much but once again I am ahead of schedule for my goals for the year.  I want to finish Pg 1-6 this year.

I will leave my 2 starts as a surprise till I get the fabric and actually start them.


Annie said...

Those are both really great starts! It might not seem like much progress to you, but anyone familiar with HAEDs will know that it is alot of progress for just starting.

Lija Broka said...

That's a lot of progress. I am very jealous. My SAL dragon is yet to appear, yet one can se a lot from yours already. I bought my 18 count fabric from http://www.minervacrafts.com/tb1634ea-charlescraft-16ct-gold-standard-aida-fabric-72-x-30-inches-antique-white-322.html but as you can see they do 16 count too. I remember it was a while since I ordered and I have used their ebay store instead but once you select more that one ... they try to send it as a whole rather than 2 separate pieces. I think I have ordered 3m worth. Good luck!

Emma/Itzy said...

Your SAL stitch is more than mine - but I know what you mean about getting frustrated, but one day you will just step back and it will just pop out at you!

I look forward to seeing more of these :)

sharine said...

Both are great starts!

SoCal Debbie said...

What a great idea to figure out how many stitches you need to do each day to meet your goal. You're doing great!

Loubie69 said...

Wow, they both look stunning. Way to go. Next weekend I am back to working on a large HAED - Ariadne, but I have some frogging to do before I can start any stitching on her.