Friday, January 11

TUSAL 01 and Updates

Here is my first TUSAL post of the year.

Lots of stitching being going on here:-)

 Here is what my Fancy Fairy looked like last time she was worked on:

And here is my progress now:

And lastly here is my QS Literate as of yesterday:

Yesterday I spent all day working on this.
It amazes me just how fast other people manage too stitch on a HAED, as it's so time consuming and I wonder how fast they stitch.


Lija said...

Well done on the progress ... I think most people stitch at similar speeds, it depends more on how much time they spend on it, and count of fabric. One reason why it might take you longer though is that you stitch by squares, which is great to see progress but involves extra time for changing threads. I pick a colour and stitch that one for most of the page. Which means I don't have to swap it (though a massive frustration when I get to nearly finishing and find lots of crosses in various colours that I have missed). Another process I have noticed is that people move all the threads together ... by bringing out them for next squares while going onto next colour ... then the progress is similar to yours moving square by square. On the other hand you have an image appearing ... mine is just a few blobs still (nowhere near enough to be posted). Good luck.

Linda said...

Great progress on both pieces Monique.


Kaisievic said...

Great progress - looking really lovely.

SoCal Debbie said...

So many pretty ORTs in your jar already! The Fancy Fairy is looking beautiful! Your HAED is coming to life, too.