Thursday, January 3

Futurecast And Request

I have been keeping to my rotation but I have changed the days on a project from 4 to 3.  I found that by day 3 I was already itching to move on and I spent most of day 4 wishing I was working on something else.

So here is Futurecast after 3 days of work:

Today I will be starting to make Christmas Decorations.  Over a year ago I made my daughter an advent calendar and I am going to choose my fav patterns from that design and just make them so that I can hang them onto the tree next year.

We have a smallish tree and next year I will be buying a larger tree  So I have decided to use the smallish one as a totally hand made tree.  Any decorations I make and any others that I buy that are hand made will go on there.

On that note I have a request.  I have been wanting kits like the these two for ages now but hubby has said no to me buying them from 123 Stitch due to the expense of postage and tax I will have to pay when I collect it from the Post Office.

24 Festive Ornaments - Janlynn

Tiny Christmas Stocking Ornaments - Bucilla

Now my request isn't for someone to provide me with kits.  But maybe there is someone out there who reads my blog, and has made them for themselves and might still have the designs and instructions lying around, and might be willing to part with them?

I can't offer much in return as what we get in SA does not compare to cross stitch that can be bought in UK or USA.  But I do have a stash of South African dyed threads that I would be willing to exchange.  Just mention what colours you like and how many skeins you think is fare for your trouble.

They are just plain simple threads and nothing fancy buy here is my collection:

And lastly here is my threads ready for the start of QS Literage Dragon:

I have a few HAED designs I want to start, but looking at the amount of threads needed for a QS got me thinking.

I am not a person who likes not having all the threads needed for a project when I want to start it... so I spent four years collecting all the dmc threads.  I used my birthday money and any spare cash I had and bought them little by little.  Now I have one set of all the plain dmc threads and now you see my problem.  I might be willing to slowly start adding to my threads as I will not need to purchase all new colours every time I start a HAED but what I can't wrap my mind around is how people who do multiple projects store their floss when they have completed a design as they will be storing multiple bobbins of some colours.  Any advice or tips would be appreciated.


sharine said...

Nice stitching. I keep all my colors in a box like yours and use them for all my projects. I never buy multiples of the same color for different projects.

Maureen said...

I just have one bobbin of each thread and just move them between different projects when I need them.for my haeds I keep one box with threads for maybe two or three designs as they often use the same threads. Hope this helps.

SoCal Debbie said...

Futurecast looks great after only 3 days! Good luck on getting the charts for these little ornaments. If I had them I would certainly send to you.

Lija said...

I always wanted to have a full set of dmc ... might not happen for a while yet though. I found a lady on ebay who sells them in bulk and they are about half the price to what I would pay in shops, but still. My organisation is all other the place. I have a box with 4 draws from WHSmith where I keep all the new/unused skeins in plastic clippy wallets/envelopes in their hundreds or fifties (e.g.350-399) depending on the amount in particular numbers. Then there is a box like yours with leftovers from kits/skeins after use that are wound up. My HAED has its own drawer in the table (where according to my sister on her latest visit normal people keep pencils and pens), here the threads began to be wound on their bobbins into a box or are in skeins divided between 4 envelopes of colours. I have a smaller box for my smaller project on the go which at the moment is Big Ben (the bobbins will get moved to the bigger box once I'm finished). And dragon isn't sorted yet ... I located about 20 shades for now and once I finish with them will go on a hunt for others (after all I have all shades needed somewhere in the house). My biggest sorting spot is an excel spreadsheet. Here all the numbers of dmc appear in black when I have (or should) them somewhere and red if I don't and I mark a number next to them how much skeins I need to order for a project I'm thinking of starting (if I don't have them) and once this gets to a good value for a bulk order I order. Only a handful of times I came across repeated bobbins and just used tippex to get the bobbin to be reused for another shade. When I borrow HAED's threads I mark down with the pencil to what project I moved them in case I need them. I will look for the charts for ornaments, but since I don't tend to stitch those probably unlikely.