Monday, January 7

A Small Finish and HAED BB Sal First Update

My first finish of 2013...

Its a very small finish and only took 3 days.

I still need to count how many I will be doing through the year but at least 1 is done.

And here is my first update on QS Literate Dragon:

In retrospect probably not the best chart to choose as my first HAED project but I am committed now and will continue on.  I found out that I do not like parking but I have found a way that I like.
I will only be working on this every fourth day from now on as I don't want my other projects to suffer and I have all year to finish this one anyway.


Lija said...

Love the finish - it's very cute ... though maybe a little early for Christmas. Great to see your dragon update. It is the chart I picked too ... and beginning to hate a little. It is my second HAED start. In my 1st I have 3 out of 36 pages stitched on count 18 (so almost the amount we need to do here). My problem is I picked count 22 for the dragon - the fabric is not as well weaved as 18 and stitches keep moving. I have gridded the entire project and it seems our 1st page is a lot larger than the remaining 3 will be (my guess they are partials). So it should go faster with the 2nd page posted to us. I like how your image is beginning to appear. Since I try to stitch the entire colour in a page before going onto 2nd, mine is still a random compilation of 3 colours. Good luck. Can't wait to see your next dragon update.

Linda said...

Congrats on a cute finish. I love the little ornament. Great start on your HAED.


SoCal Debbie said...

That's a wonderful ornament you stitched and finished! Great start on your HAED dragon!

sharine said...

Very cute ornament:)

DJH said...

The ornament is very cute. And your progress on Literate Dragon is great!