Friday, March 29

A Early Happy Easter!

I hope everyone enjoys the Easter holidays and the long weekend.

My daughters school had their yearly Easter Sale today.  Each mom has to make 24 eggs to sell at the school and the money goes towards whatever the school needs.

You pretty much take an empty egg shell, decorate it and fill it with little sweets.

These are the 2 types I did for the sale:

I did Pigs and Ladybirds of course.

Here are some of my favorite ones... but there were many, many different ones.

And my absolute favorite... a dog in a teacup:

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter weekend.

I am busy sorting out threads and fabric for a few new starts.


sharine said...

What a great idea:)

Linda said...

Oh Monique you and the ladies are so creative. I love every single one of those eggs.