Thursday, March 21

Summer Fairy Update and Kitten Pics

I just finished 10 hours on Summer Fairy.

I started her wings and worked on some ribbons on the right side:

I did a lot of backstitch in her skirt, yet it doesn't look like much in the big scheme of things:

And this is what she looks like so far:

Sorry for the wrinkles but she will only get a bath and iron once she is done.

And now for some kitty pics! Don't worry I won't do it that often.

This is just a cute pic of her in her bed:

And this is usually how we spend the evenings... first one is her asleep and second one is obviously awake:-)


Annie said...

Your Summer Fairy is looking beautiful! That was one of my favorite Joan Elliott designs to do. I don't know how you get any stitching done with that adorable kitty...I'd want to be snuggling her ALL the time!

SoCal Debbie said...

Summer Fairy is gorgeous! The blackstitching really makes her dress stand out. What a naughty kitty you have! LOL

Melissa said...

Wow, Summer Fairy looks amazing! Gorgeous!!

Emma/Itzy said...

This looks lovely, oh and a cheeky kitty "helping" I know how well that turns out!

Claire said...

Looking amazing and what a cute cat.c

Linda said...

Summer Fairy is gorgeous. Love the kitty pics. Aren't they such great helpers. I am doing the Bothy Threads SAL with Debbie. So happy to have you join us. I really enjoyed watching you stitch Fairy Hill.